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Dispatching centre 24/7

In order to react swiftly and effectively to our customer’s requests, our platform rental has its own logistical facility. It’s organized around a dispatching centre with 24/7 service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) which coordinates renting, delivery and service
of the platforms

HOT-LINE: +420 777 99 19 19

Our own transportation

Platforms are transported using our own cargo vehicle with a qualified technician. Upon delivery of the platform, the technician instructs the operating personnel and answers any questions regarding the use of the platform. The delivery and pick-up times can be adjusted according to customer’s needs.

Service by replacement

The platforms are serviced by replacement at the customer’s location. Due to our own transportation, this significantly reduces servicing times. Simple repairs and battery replacements are performed by a qualified serviceman on site.


Most of the platforms that are not currently rented are stored indoors, protected against bad weather conditions. Platforms are regularly maintained, service fluids checked and refilled batteries charged etc. Platforms are thus continuously ready to use.

M/S Elektro CZ s. r. o., Přerovská 39, 783 71 Olomouc, Czech Republic Orders and reservations: +420 585 751 666, +420 777 991 919

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