About the Company

The rental of hydraulic work platforms is operated under the name plosinykpronajmu.cz by M/S Elektro CZ s.r.o.

A Czech company with more than ten years of history, M/S Elektro CZ s.r.o. has its headquarters in Olomouc. Our philosophy is to provide fast and affordable services to our customers in the field of supply and installation of security systems, telecommunication data systems, and other electrical systems –⁠ more information about us can be found at www.mselektro.cz.

We often use self-propelled scissor lifts at work, so the creation of the hydraulic work platform rental company was just a logical extension of our activities.
Our rental range includes aerial work platforms with working heights up to 26 metres.

We offer both electric and diesel-powered work platforms, so you can use them in enclosed halls as well as in open spaces.

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The project IMPROVING THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF M/S’S OPERATIONS is co-financed by the European Union.
 The project is aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the company's operations. The aim of the project is to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of the workshop and warehouse building of M/S Elektro CZ s.r.o. in the village of Majetín. The project receives financial support from the EU.